How to Recork Wine – A Beginner’s Guide

Daniel Lawson
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The practice of corking a wine bottle after opening has been around for decades. However, in modern times this practice is used very rarely. It is because many think that once they remove a wine bottle’s cork, it loses its initial form, and the cork cannot be reused. The statement is partially true. However, there are various ways through which you can recork your wine and enjoy it whenever you want to. 

After all, it is only sometimes you will feel like finishing the whole bottle of wine. Some days, you just need to drink a glass or two to enjoy wine. Hence, it would help if you learned how to recork a wine bottle and enjoy it later on as well. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you out. 

glass container full of champagne corks

Should You Recork Wine After Opening It?

We think it is best to recork your wine bottle after drinking a few glasses. This way, you can enjoy it later. Resealing the wine bottle will stop the wine from going rancid. Although, it depends on how you recork the wine. We recommend you recork the bottle immediately after you finish pouring. We know oxygen or heat can ruin wine after a short exposure. However, please store the opened wine bottle in the wine cooler or fridge after replacing the cork. 

Once you have exposed the wine to the elements of nature, the bacteria will deteriorate its flavor and make the taste unpleasant. To recork a wine bottle means to slow down the oxidation process. By doing this, the remaining wine will not go to waste. 

How Long Does Opened Wine Last?

An open bottle of wine can last anytime between three to five days. However, this varies depending on the type of wine. For instance, sparkling wine can last up to three days, whereas fortified wine can last up to 28 days if stored in a dark, cool place. 

Also, you can share wine with friends or drink it alone after opening it a few days ago. Wine is one of those products that stays and tastes even better if you have stored it correctly. 

Does Recorking a Wine Actually Work?

Recorking the wine bottle will keep its content preserved for a while, so it works. On average, you can still drink the wine in that bottle after a week or two. However, you can store the wine for a longer period by using inert gas sealers or dispensers. This works because the dispenser provides a shield preventing oxidation which happens when air enters the opened wine bottle. 

How to Recork WineWays to Recork Wine

You can preserve an opened wine bottle and its content in six ways. However, not all of them work. Hence, our team tried and tested many different recorking ways. The steps are simple. But you have to recheck to ensure the seal is intact. We suggest it is best to try the most accessible method. However, you can use another option if the first method does not work for you. 

For example, if you cannot use wax paper, consider preserving your wine by using a recorking tool. 

Use A Wax Paper 

Most of the time, it is hard to fit in the cork back once you have opened a wine bottle. After enjoying a glass of red wine, when you are ready to reseal the bottle, wax paper will help. Just take a small piece of waxing paper around the cork so it can easily slide in. Make sure that you wrap the waxing paper without any overlapping pieces. Try to avoid twisting the cork. If you do it correctly, there will be no gaps in the seal. 

Here, the wax paper acts both as a lubricant and a barrier. Wax paper is not a threat to human health. It also prevents sediments from entering the wine. If you do not have waxing paper, you can use plastic wrap as an alternative. A plastic wrap or film will work the same way as waxing paper. 

Store in the Refrigerator 

Another great idea is keeping the half-filled wine bottle in the fridge overnight to preserve the wine. It will not become undrinkable in just one night, even if you do not reseal it. This is a great idea because the fridge is cool, and your wine will not lose its taste. 

Reseal Without a Cork 

If you do not have a cork, or you simply do not want to use it again. Stay calm because there are ways to recork a wine bottle without a cork. There is a trick to making your cork using a paper towel. What you have to do is cut a small piece of paper towel and tightly roll it in the shape of a cork. Make sure that the size of the rolled paper towel completely fits the size of the bottle. 

Also, use a plastic sheet to wrap around the makeshift cork. The plastic sheet will prevent it from unraveling. It will act as the perfect alternative to cork. If needed, tie the ends with tape or cut off extra lengths of the paper towels with a scissor. Gently push the makeshift cork inside the wine bottle, and you are good to go.

Use a Smaller Container 

The wine only goes rancid when exposed to air. However, you can reduce the process of oxidation by reducing the surface area of the wine. For instance, if it comes in a huge bottle, you can store it in a small container or a bottle. That way, the surface area will be lower than the volume ratio, hence slowing down the oxidation process. However, make sure to seal the bottle tightly with a cork or anything else you can make use of. Store it in a cool dark place for preservation. 

Use a Recork Wine Tool 

A recork wine tool is a modern invention. Many wine drinkers have wine stoppers in their homes to reseal open wine bottles. The wine stoppers are an excellent way to recork a bottle, especially if you lose the cork. It is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment. However, if you decide to purchase fancy stoppers, they might cost you a bit more. If you are an avid drinker, you should have at least two or more wine stoppers. By using a stopper, you can preserve your wine for up to five days. 

How to Recork WineUse Wine Savers 

After a wine stopper, you also have the option to use a wine saver. Wine savers are small devices that contain argon gas. They come with a vacuum pump. Using a wine saver will increase the life of an opened wine bottle. It will preserve your beverage by replacing the air with an inert gas, usually argon. The outside air will not enter the bottle and preserve the flavor of your beverage for a much longer time. 

Various experiments show that a vacuum pump or wine saver can preserve your wine for up to two weeks after opening the bottle. However, keep in mind that these wine savers are much more expensive than wine stoppers. This is because a wine-saver device is much more effective. It may even preserve your beverage for months. 

Storage of Open Wine Bottles 

The most crucial tip is to store your wine bottles either opened or closed, in dark, cold places only. Direct sunlight will destroy the flavor of your wine and expose the wine to harmful elements. 

Also, store your wine bottles in small containers to reduce the exposed surface area. You can also store the bottles upright. Try not to leave wines that tend to oxidize faster such as light red wine or organic white wines. 

Final Thoughts 

It does not matter whether you have much knowledge about wines or not. Just make sure you store them properly, and you will be able to enjoy an open bottle of wine much later. By accurately following the methods mentioned above, you shall be able to recork wine bottles without any issues. However, you should do a quick check before consuming the wine you have preserved from the previous day. We know anything can happen, so it is best to do a quick sniff or sip to ensure the wine is still good for consumption.

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