Marcus Method Mural Wall Launch & Exhibition 23.03.17


Our ever changing mural wall will be undergoing a transformation this March with the help of the talented Marcus Method. Marcus Method started out painting graffiti around 12 years ago. He has since developed a graphic style which takes elements from traditional graffiti, illustration and pattern design to create his unique style. His work is often layered with characters of his own design as well as other signature elements he has become known for.

Marcus started painting graffiti around 2005 and spent a number of years painting traditional letters. His work became increasingly influenced by the computer aided design work he was undertaking as he worked in architecture. This helped develop the way he interprets ideas and objects in a simplified way and also as a reaction to the neatness of architectural drawings developed the loose style and solid lines which are a constant in his work.

There will also be an exhibition of Marcus’ work, chilled out Hip Hop and FREE Gin from our lovely friends Three Rivers Gin!