Wong’s Happiness Diner Pop Up


12.00 — Sunday 21.00

Wong’s Happiness Diner is back again for another 3 days of mouth watering, finger lickin’, lip smackin’ Chinese comfort food. Classic and contemporary dishes made using traditional cooking techniques and ethically sourced ingredients by the team behind the award winning street food stall, Mei Mei’s Street Cart.

It’s hard to describe how good this is but when Wong’s Happiness Diner ‘popped up’ for the first time in London, it was still going 6 months later as the bookings kept coming in (and there are still some people that give it a try now…).

Expect to get your lips around double fried garlic sesame chicken, gamma ray beer pickles and spicy mayo in a glazed bao or if you’re veggie go for the 5 spiced aubergine version with a won ton cracker, sriracha soy and sesame slaw. There will also be sweet soy and sriracha chicken wings, peanut chilli ribs and wonton ‘nachos’ amongst many, many other mouthwatering dishes – Mel once told us that the sichuan cumin lamb was so good, it nearly made her cry.

See for yourself this weekend, the Happiness Diner is here from Friday lunchtime ’til Sunday night, you might find yourself here more than once this weekend.

We’re taking bookings now, email  info@kosmonaut.co

It’s not essential, however it is higly recommended!