No Scrubs



Yep, you don’t want to miss this one – a night of ‘90s RnB and Hip Hop karaoke in the confines of the Kosmonaut basement.

Radio X’s Hattie Pearson is hosting and we’re going all out with a back catalogue of ‘90s bangers – whether you’re ready or not, you really believe you can fly or you, simply, don’t want no scrubs there will be a beat strong song selection for you to bump ‘n’ grind to…even if your mind’s telling you no.

Bring your crew, grab a sign-up slip and swap it for the ‘90s hip-hop or R&B classic of your choice. Performance levels should be pushed and dance routines and themed outfits will be welcomed until we come to the end of the road.

As always, the much loved, Happy Hour will run 4-7pm to supply those that need it with a dash of Dutch courage and the best performance of the night will be chosen by the bar team so holding back is just not an option if a prize is what you are after.

Ah, this is just one Big Pun, isn’t it…