Kosmonaut presents…

An experiment in barrel aged cocktails

For the next six months Kosmonaut is producing a series of limited edition barrel aged cocktails all developed in-house by cocktail specialist Nate and inspired by classic mixology.

Nate will age each cocktail in a barrel for 28 days before being bottled, where the aging process can continue at a much slower pace. As each cocktail is aged it will leave an imprint on the barrel itself, which will carry flavour over to the next drink.

Barrel aging affects cocktails in two ways. The cask imparts flavour from the tannins, smoke from the char and general oak notes, a process known as extraction. Secondly, the ingredients interact with the air, during which time the molecules from the different ingredients mesh together to create a smoother drink. This is known as oxidisation.

Nate comments “At Kosmonaut we’re always ready to innovate. Following in the footsteps of great Bartenders such as Tony Conigliaro (69 Colebrook Row) I decided to create a series of Barrel Aged Cocktails. However by applying modern techniques to classic Mixed Drinks I hope to create something truly original. A blend of the old and the new, with a little taste of history in each cocktail!”

The cocktail series will follow a chronological order with a new cocktail added each month, paying homage to the legacy of classic mixology. The Martinez, the Martini, the Negroni, the Boulevardier, the Brooklyn and the Vieux Carre will all form part of the cocktail series.

EXPERIMENT 1: The Martinez
First up is the Martinez, dating back to circa 1860. A cousin of the Manhattan and the progenitor of the Martini, this cocktail blends gin with sweet vermouth, along with Maraschino and bitters and is available to order now.

EXPERIMENT 2: the Martini (circa. 1900)
EXPERIMENT 3: the Negroni (circa. 1919)
EXPERIMENT 4: the Boulevardier (circa. 1927)
EXPERIMENT 5: the Brooklyn (circa. 1930)
EXPERIMENT 6: the Vieux Carre (circa. 1933)