Hattie Pearson presents: The Beyonce Music Quiz


19.00 — 20.00

Ok, quiz teams, now let’s get in formation.

Hattie’s back once again, this time quizzing you on the artist known as JuJu, Mothe, Bee, Sasha Fierce, Queen B, Queen Bey (hang on, are we giving away answers here?) and… BEYONCE!

Kosmonaut becomes a Beyhive for one night only! Hattie will be finding out if you know your Baby Boy from your Beautiful Liar, your Hold Up from your Halo and maybe uncovering some of life’s little mysteries like, in a world of Brangelinas, Bennifers and Kimyes, why did Bey-Z never really catch on? What really happened in that lift? And who exactly IS Becky with the good hair?

We’ll be treating you to Beyonce themed spot prizes, £100 BAR TAB for the winning team and we might even break out the Beyonce tunes once the quiz is over.

Tuesday 6th September, 7pm start and FREE to enter.