DR ME : Relations


Be sure to check out Relations (Part 1 and Part 2), from acclaimed Manchester creative studio DR. ME, which has taken over our mural walls.

DR ME painted the kaleidoscopic, Relations Part 1, on the 30 ft wall in the upstairs bar, a fragmented and striking mural, taking over the space previously occupied by Hammo. The downstairs piece, Relations Part 2, is produced using found imagery and collage, one of DR. ME’s staple mediums, as seen in their majorly successful project ‘365 days of collage’.

“As this is such a large scale project, we took the opportunity to combine our techniques to produce something completely new, using fragmented paint sections to create an artwork that contrasts with the muted bare brick walls.”

Ryan Doyle and Mark ‘Eddy’ Edwards of DR.ME.

Specialising in creative design and art-direction DR. ME has developed an impressive international reputation as unique designers with a varying design aesthetic and style. Relations at Kosmonaut was their first project since returning from Art Basel in Miami.

Well known for their work with independent record labels such as Young Turks and Memphis Industries, DR. ME has created vinyl and album designs for bands and artists such as Dutch uncles and D/R/U/G/S.

The design studio, based in Islington Mill, has also previously collaborated with Manchester International Festival and curated the successful ‘Happy Accidents’ group show in New York in 2012.