19.30 — 22.00

On the 2nd May Kosmonaut will play host to CIRCUMSTANCES, a group show by four artists from Manchester School of Art.

As part of their course the artists will be looking into generational and personal circumstances that have influenced their practice. On the night there will be a mix of photography, paintings, video and screen prints that will fill our basement.

There will be free drinks on the night of the event so come down from 7.30 and spend a night looking at this years talent coming from the wonderful Manchester School of Art.

Artists Showcasing work – what to expect.

Aimee Woodcock: “My practice has recently took a turn towards focusing more specifically on language and what factors can alter how we perceive words ; font, lengths and distortion. My inspirations include Ed Ruscha and his minimalistic word paintings and also the text work by Robert Montgomery in which he takes over billboards in city centres with poetic static paragraphs, he describes how the ‘slowness’ of words are really captivating in a society that is bombarded with imagery.”

Rosa Baugh: “Some of my inspiration stems from personal experiences with confusion and race and also those of family members as we’ve moved from London to the less diverse town of Blackpool. Artists like Glenn Ligon and Jenny Holzer have helped to inform my latest practice as they incorporate text into their works, and also look at identity as a subject matter.”

Oley Njie: television and News has become part of Hyperreality that exists in the post modern world, the way we interact with technology has become a way of concealing the truth, a distraction of imposed by capitalism or those in power. Television has become more in control of society than society itself, it’s makers. Exploring the themes around control associated with television and viewing of news, different ways of editing and analysing the reality that lays beyond the one presented to us. Jean Baurillard speaks of the Hyperreality that exists in the post modern world, our access to reality has changed. It has gone beyond, technology and television has changed the way we see our reality, it has manipulated and altered the truth to conceal the reality that has been erased. Nam June Paik also interested in how television shapes our lifestyles and cultures , exploring ideas around manipulating and distorting imagery on television. Taking on the idea to experiment and explore the distortion of imagery on television and news, editing and misplacing visual elements made for comfort.”

Emma Whiston: “My inspirations also comes from jean baudrillard, and his writings on simulation and simulacra. How we can all be living in our own separate realities but all of them are real. I am also heavily influenced by iconoclasm, which is fundamentally the act of breaking an image. I like to experiment with breaking down appropriated imagery into collage, repeated elements and removing others to experiment with space and shape. The imagery I produce is often surreal and unusual and plays upon ideas of fake reality and altered meaning.”